Servicing With TRS

Regular servicing is essential for vehicle reliability and longevity.

Tempest RS offers an in-depth inspection service with added knowledge and experience to indentify model specific issues before they become problematical.

We provide a health report with every service, including a full OBD diagnostic report and other essential information such as tyre tread depths.

Where possible we use genuine VAG parts to ensure correct fitment and expected service life. This includes the use of lubricants and other fluids that are directly approved to VAG specifications.

Please call us to discuss your servicing needs for a personalised quotation.

Here is an example of our typical servicing costs.

The prices below include: Air filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter, Cabin air filter, Engine oil, new sump plug and washer, all consumable/waste charges, labour and VAT.

All parts and lubricants used in these examples are genuine VAG parts.

The below prices are based on individual vehicles and therefore may differ slightly from any quote we provide.