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G60 & Corrado

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The G60 engine was managed by a Digifant ECU manufactured by Bosch for VW.

The Digifant system is one of a number of early electronic engine management systems and only gives out very basic information. No in-depth condition fault codes, just basic sensor operation status.

As technology has improved over the 25+ years since the Digifant systems were in mainstream use, the knowledge base around these early systems has been reduced to a handful of specialists.

Equipment that was once in common use, in order to assess the running condition of the vast majority of cars on the road, is still essential to setting up these ecus and are now rarely possessed by your everyday mechanic.

Having worked on a large number of G60 engines in various models, in standard guise, modified or conversions, we have extensive knowledge of how these early systems are maintained and set-up in order to keep your G60 engine running as well as it can.

We offer a number of services for G60 owners:

  • General health checks
  • Engine timing check
  • Fuelling and emissions check and adjustments
  • ECU dynamic tuning
  • Engine and cylinder head builds
  • Oil cooling systems